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Nintendo, Fios, US Cellular top Forrester's consumer rankings

US Cellular beats out Verizon as a wireless provider, while Verizon's Fios scores highest among Internet providers. Nintendo takes the top slot for consumer electronics, edging Apple.

Nintendo provides the best customer service in consumer electronics, according to Forrester's rankings. CNET

Nintendo, Verizon Fios, and US Cellular are ranked highest for consumer experience, according to research firm Forrester (registration required).

The three took the top slots for their respective industries in Forrester's annual ranking of consumer goods and services. Forrester looked at 150 companies and asked 7,500 U.S. consumers these questions: How well did they meet your need? How easy were they to do business with? How enjoyable were they to do business with?

Nintendo did the best in these categories among the tech-related companies. The games and console maker scored an 83 when it comes to customer service around the Wii and Nintendo DS, taking the top spot for consumer electronics. It was just shy of an 85, which the Forrester rankings deem the threshold for an "excellent" rating. For perspective, 75 to 84 is a "good" ranking, while 55 and below is a "very poor" rating.

The No. 2 company in this category was Apple, with a ranking of 79, followed by Sony at 76.


US Cellular, the sixth largest U.S carrier, beat out the biggest wireless service providers -- Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile -- when it comes to customer satisfaction. The regional carrier scored a 77 percent on the rating scale, giving it a "good" rating. TracFone came in second at 73, and Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T all tied for third with a score of 66.


While Verizon didn't make the top spot as a wireless carrier, it did take No. 1 for Internet service providers, but with a mediocre ranking. Verizon FiOS scored a 67 on Forrester's rankings, with Bright House Networks in second at 65 and Cablevision in third at 62. According to Forrester, this gives Verizon Fios an "OK" ranking.