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Nintendo exec to run U.S. branch of KidZania

Cammie Dunaway has left her old job at Nintendo America to start a new role as U.S. head of the interactive family entertainment company KidZania.

Former Nintendo Vice President Cammie Dunaway has a new job: U.S. president and global marketing head for an interactive family entertainment company.

Cammie Dunaway has left Nintendo to become global marketing head at KidZania.
Cammie Dunaway has left Nintendo to become global marketing head at KidZania. Nintendo

Dunaway, who left Nintendo on Friday, will run the U.S. branch for KidZania, a Mexico-based global company that makes kid-sized cities with streets, buildings, businesses, and vehicles that children can explore and run. By letting kids pretend to be firefighters, vets, bakers, and other professionals, these family entertainment parks try to entertain and educate them about their options in life, according to KidZania.

So far, the company has launched eight parks around the world, with more set to debut over the next few years. With parks in Mexico, Japan, Spain, and other countries, the first U.S. park is slated to open its doors in 2012 or 2013.

In her new role, Dunaway will handle global marketing for the various locations and spearhead the effort to kick off parks in the U.S. She'll also try to build up the company's online presence for kids who can't visit one of the actual parks.

"This new role truly is the culmination of everything I've done and hope to do in bringing entertainment and education to the world's children," Dunaway said in a statement. "The more kids know about their options in life, the better prepared they'll be."

Before joining Nintendo in 2007 to handle sales and marketing for the company's Americas segment, Dunaway was the chief marketing officer for Yahoo.