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Nintendo DSi downloads won't just be for games

Nintendo is pushing for third party developers to think outside the box when creating applications for the DSi.

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Word from the Nintendo Developer Conference in London suggests the company is encouraging third-party developers to think outside of the box when it comes to DSi downloadable content on the DSi Shop.

While Nintendo has focused its WiiWare platform around games, it seems the DSi might be a viable platform for applications outside of gaming. While we know games will be available--there are already plenty circulating in Japan--the unique photo, microphone, and touch-screen capabilities embedded in the system could make for some very interesting third-party applications.

The possibilities are potentially endless. Think about it: a Facebook app? Maybe a Flickr app that will let you upload photos? This certainly erases any doubt about Nintendo following the same Apple App Store model found on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now that everyone is familiar with the new media features on the DSi, what kind of app would you like to see on it?

The DSi launches in North America on April 5 for $170. Stay tuned for more developments on DSi downloadables. For now, check out our hands-on First Look video of the handheld itself.

(Source: develop)