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Nintendo Direct Mini: Start time, how to watch and what to expect

Nintendo's new Nintendo Direct Mini takes place July 20.

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Nintendo Switch

What will get announced? Your guess is as good as mine.


If you're interested in the nitty-gritty of Nintendo-related game releases, you've most likely sat through an episode of Nintendo Direct, a semiregular video series produced by Nintendo that focuses on upcoming games and hardware

Almost all Nintendo announcements are done through Nintendo Direct videos these days, and it's time for another. This time it's a Nintendo Direct Mini.

What can we expect? The above tweet sharing the announcement gives us a few clues. The focus on "titles from our development & publishing partners" means you'd best not expect any major updates on the upcoming Breath of the Wild sequel or Metroid Prime 4. Most likely this will be focused on titles from third-party studios, but the "few updates on a small group of previously-announced" Nintendo Switch games gives us hope something big might be shown.

(Probably not, though.)

Start Time

The Nintendo Direct Mini takes place at...


7am PDT on July 20.

10am EDT on July 20.


3pm BST on July 20


12 midnight AEDT on July 21.

Where do I watch?

You can watch this thing in a million different places. 

I recommend heading to Nintendo's YouTube page, or its Twitch page. You can also watch Nintendo Direct on Nintendo's official site.