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Now Nintendo has two irresistible pint-sized game consoles

Here's how Nintendo's upcoming NES Classic Edition will work. Warning: You might be jealous of Japan's newly announced Nintendo Mini Classic Family Computer.

Today Nintendo announced a brand new game console...kind of. It's called the Nintendo Mini Classic Family Computer, and it's cute as a bug. The Japan-only console is based off Nintendo's 1983 Famicom (Japan's version of the NES), which has two wired controllers that fit right up top.

But the new Mini Classic fits in the palm of your hand -- and has 30 built-in games (including some Japanese exclusives) instead of a cartridge slot. Watch the video above for a better look.

What about English-speaking countries? Maybe you've heard of the NES Classic Edition, aka NES Classic Mini? It's coming November 11. Nintendo released a 1-minute video showing off how it'll work, including some gameplay, menus, how you'll save your game -- you get four save slots for each title -- and different screen modes for a modern or retro feel.

Yeah, Nintendo knows what you want. Check out copious shots of Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda in the video below.

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