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Nintendo announces Black Friday DSi bundles

Nintendo will be offering orange and green DSi bundles to customers starting Friday. The bundles will retail for $149.99 while supplies last.

Nintendo's new green DSi bundles.
Nintendo's new green DSi bundles. Nintendo

Nintendo has announced more bundles for its DSi line of portable gaming devices.

Starting on Black Friday, Nintendo will be selling both green and orange DSi bundles to customers for $149.99. According to the company, the bundles will be offered while supplies last, and will include a copy of Mario Party DS.

Earlier this month, Nintendo started selling a "Mario-red" Wii bundle for $200. That offer includes a red Wii, the Wii Remote Plus, Wii Sports, and a red nunchuk. It also includes a copy of Super Mario Bros. Wii. A DSi XL bundle that's also currently available features the same red finish as the Wii option, but comes with Mario Kart DS.

Bundles are viewed as integral to Nintendo's business.

Last month, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that although his company's revenue is down, a Wii price cut wouldn't be implemented to boost sales. He went on to say that offering bundles was the best way (at least right now) to drum up demand for the company's products.

Whether or not bundles will work in Nintendo's favor remains to be seen. So far, the company has been limping through a tough 2010.

Between April and September of this year, Nintendo lost about $24.6 million on slumping sales. It sold 6.69 million DS units during the period, compared to 11.7 million unit sales during the same period last year. Its Wii sales during April and September of this year topped 4.97 million units, representing a relatively steep decline from the 5.75 million units it sold during the same period last year.