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Nintendo 3DS update adds 3D video recording

That 3D camera on the 3DS just got a little more versatile.

How many pictures have you taken with your Nintendo 3DS? I haven't taken all that many, but I'll admit I'm curious about Nintendo's software update, available today, which finally adds 3D video recording to the 3DS' bag of tricks.


There is a catch: only 10 minutes of 3D video footage can be captured on the system at once. However, the 3DS can also record its video in stop-motion mode. Homemade 3D clay animation on your desk? Yes, except it's not clear if these video files can be exported or shared once recorded.

A few other minor system update tweaks include Nintendo eShop credit card payments for partial purchases (finally), and new updates for the Find Mii and Puzzle Swap games in the Mii Plaza. More importantly, where are the Game Boy Advance free game downloads for Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors? For that, I guess we'll have to wait.