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Nintendo 3DS Slide Pad packs second analogue, looks funny

Nintendo's 3DS console is getting a weird extension that brings a second analogue stick, and two more shoulder buttons.

Nintendo's 3DS console looks set to get a second analogue stick, by way of an extension pad we'd describe as 'funny looking' if we were being charitable, and 'hideously malformed' if we weren't.

The so-called 'Slide Pad' was outed by Japanese gaming mag Famitsu, and it's a weird, rounded pod that the glasses-free 3D handheld slots into. Once safely ensconced, you'll get access to a second analogue stick, as well as two extra shoulder buttons.

Those extra bits and bobs could make the 3DS more adept at handling console-style first-person-shooter titles, and it's suspected that the peculiar peripheral will be an add-on bundled for use with the upcoming Monster Hunter 3G, which is an expanded version of Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii.

We like the idea of more control, though we've got no love for the design -- that second analogue stick pokes way out to the right of the 3DS' screen, so it might feel a bit wonky to hold. It looks really bulky as well, and won't exactly make the 3DS any easier to carry around.

How could we be won over? Well, if there was an extra chunk of battery stuck inside the slide pad, that would extend the console's battery life. That would be ace, as we've found the 3DS sucks power like a thirsty toddler guzzling a box of Ribena.

Rumours are flying that Nintendo will announce a redesigned version of the 3DS in the next week, that could sport a second analogue stick built in.

There's no word on any kind of UK release or pricing yet, but we'll be watching for any info, so keep it CNET UK for all the latest.

Would you strap this ungainly hunk of plastic on to your 3DS? Or are you holding out for Sony's PlayStation Vita? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.