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Nintendo 3DS microwaved in the name of insanity

Nintendo's latest portable handheld gets a dramatic makeover in this explosive video.

A Nintendo 3DS engulfed in flames. With all that's wrong in the world, this is exactly what we need people to be doing with their time. Kenny Irwin

Nintendo has a lot going for it right now, but none of that really matters to Microwave Theater host Kenny Irwin, who maniacally microwaves electronics and other miscellaneous objects.

The latest victim is a mint aqua blue Nintendo 3DS, which is completely incinerated in a four-minute video that is beyond absurd.

After setting the microwave to full power, the $250 3DS takes about half a minute to explode and burst into flames. Be sure to turn down your volume after the 2:30 mark, as the narrator can't seem to contain his excitement at destroying the portable game console. After scraping off the burned remains with a spatula, he offers it for sale for nearly a thousand dollars. What a bargain.

The only common sense found in the video is the warning that people should not attempt this at home.

Irwin, a self-described artist, innovator, and inventor, has somehow marched on past 15 minutes of fame after we first got to know him in the microwaved iPad 3G video. His YouTube channel has ballooned to more than 14 million views and he even appeared on the Conan O'Brien show.

I'm not sure if I'd leave my microwave alone in a room with this guy after listening to his banter.