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Nintendo 3DS games include Street Fighter, Nintendogs at launch

Nintendo has announced Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Nintendogs + cats are to be among 13 3D titles to arrive with the 3DS handheld console on 25 March.

Roughty-toughty beat-em up Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, aerial floatathon Pilot Wings Resort and dog-stroking, cat-purring family favourite Nintendogs + cats will be among the 13 fully 3D titles launched with Nintendo's new 3DS handheld games console on 25 March.

The 3D handheld has been hotly anticipated since its announcement at E3 in June last year -- partly because everyone likes to miss their bus stop by being too engrossed in a game, but also because of the 3DS' use of glasses-free (that's right, glasses-free) technology. You can see all three wonderful gaming dimensions without having to wear glasses that make you look like a hipster nincompoop.

But you wouldn't be able to enjoy that extra dimension without some decent gaming action, so Nintendo has busted out the big guns. Pilot Wings Resort sits your Nintendo Mii character in a plane, hang glider or rocket belt (guess which one we'd go for) and has you zipping around an exotic island completing flying missions and collecting stars, no doubt with plenty of air debris coming at you to make use of that 3D tech.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition -- epic name aside -- promises the usual fun of beating up digital people but with a more realistic, three-dimensional feel. Splendid. Nintendo welcomes you to hadoken people around the globe with online multiplayer too.

We're most excited about Nintendogs + cats, which allows you to see your furry little friend scuttle around the screen in ways that only the most cold-hearted wouldn't enjoy. The 3DS' front-facing camera makes use of facial recognition to allow you to interact with your pet, and the rear camera allows augmented reality to sit your pooch on your table (if you allow pets on the furniture). Charmingly, it comes in Golden Retriever, French Bulldog and Toy Poodle editions.

Other games up for grabs include The Sims 3, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D, Lego Star Wars III, Ridge Racer 3D, Super Monkey Ball 3D, Samurai Warriors, Asphalt 3D, Ghost Recon Shadow Wars, Splinter Cell 3D and Rayman 3D. So games makers seem to really be on board with the whole 3D thing.

These 13 3D games are to be launched with the console on 25 March, with a host of other titles following soon after -- including other major-league series such as Zelda, Star Fox, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Resident Evil and Madden -- but we may well be too busy playing with 3D kittens to notice.