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This new Nintendo 2DS looks like a Pokeball

It wants to be the very best, like no DS ever was.


Sometimes, a single picture tells the whole story. 

Nintendo has a new version of its 2DS XL dual-screen folding handheld game system. It looks like a Pokeball, those things you throw to catch and enslave monsters in the popular Pokemon series of games. It's coming out in the US on Nov. 3 for an undisclosed price, though it'll probably be the same $150/£130/AU$200 you'd pay for the vanilla version today.

And unless Nintendo's wised up about supply and demand -- its recent decision to produce more NES Classics is a good omen, I suppose -- you'll never, ever be able to buy one.

I guess that's not the entire story, though, because there are other versions of the 2DS XL coming as well.

Like this delicious (50-50 bar, anyone?) orange-and-white variant coming on Oct. 6:

Or these purple- and green-highlight versions headed (exclusively?) to Japan on Oct. 5:

And if you're truly not embarassed to proclaim your love for Pokemon in public, you could import this Pikachu-faced variant:

Pikachu 2DS LL Japan

Choices, choices. 

All of these devices were announced during a Nintendo Direct livestream today, along with an awful lot of Nintendo Switch game news. The highlights: