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Nintendo 2DS drops to $80, includes Mario Kart 7

The entry-level handheld game device gets a price cut and a free game download.

Starting May 20, Nintendo's entry-level handheld gaming system, the Nintendo 2DS, is getting a price cut in the US. The system will drop to $80 from $100, and some packages will also include a download code for the racing game Mario Kart 7.

Nintendo is giving its price cut a shoutout.


Nintendo calls its 2DS handheld, introduced in October 2013, a "kid-friendly portable." It's less expensive than the flagship Nintendo 3DS XL and lacks that system's auto-stereoscopic 3D features, but otherwise plays the same library of cartridge-based and downloadable games.

The Nintendo 3DS XL is still selling for about $200 in the US. Nintendo did not immediately respond to a request for comment about a possible price cut for that system.

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