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Smart Home

Ninety7 is having a huge sale on Echo and Google Home battery and speaker docks

A great sale made better by Cheapskate-exclusive extra discounts! Plus: A sweet deal on a compact projector.


Cheapskate FTW! Score extra savings on Ninety7's already discounted prices.


Do you own an Amazon Echo (second gen)? An Amazon Echo Dot? A Google Home or Google Home Mini? You've come to the right post.

For a limited time, Ninety7 is offering substantial discounts on its battery bases and speaker docks for those products. And because you're a Cheapskate reader, you get even better discounts.

All you do is apply promo code CNET97 at checkout and you'll get an extra $5 off the following products. (Actually, the code should apply to your cart automatically, but there it is just in case it doesn't.)

Dox portable battery pack for Echo Dot (second gen): $14.95 with code. (Regular price: $39.95.)

Vaux portable battery base and speaker for Echo Dot (second gen): $19.95 with code. (Regular price: $49.95.) Read CNET's Vaux review to learn more.

Sky Tote portable battery base for Echo (second gen): $29.95 with code. (Regular price: $59.95.)

Loft portable battery base for Google Home: $19.95 with code. (Regular price: $49.95.) Read CNET's Loft review to learn more.

Jot portable battery base for Google Home Mini: $29.95 with code. (Regular price: $34.95.)

The one product here I've tried is the Vaux, and I use it primarily as a speaker improvement. It's excellent in that respect -- loud and clear-sounding, though a bit muddled at max volume. At this price, I'd say it's a must-have accessory for Dot owners.

As for the rest, they're great deals as well if you want to make your smart-speaker portable. Just note, as indicated, that the Echo Dot ones listed are for the second-gen model. They won't work with the newest, 2018 third-gen version.

Oh, and if you don't own one of those Amazon devices yet, check out the upcoming Black Friday deals on them. The 2nd-gen Echo Dot will be just $20; the second-gen Echo, $69.

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This little projector supports all kinds of sources: phones, laptops, streamers and so on.


Bonus deal: There's the projector you buy for your fancy home theater, and there's the projector you buy for other things: Kid sleepovers, photo slideshows, charming holiday animations and so on. This one falls into the latter category.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Cool Choices (via Amazon) has the Topvision LED projector for just $54.94 with promo code B66772ET. It normally sells for around $100, as do many projectors in this class.

"This class" means a fairly low native resolution: 800x480 pixels. Before you run screaming, however, understand that the projector supports 720p and 1080p sources (such as streamers and game consoles) and that this resolution might be good enough for its intended purposes.

Because Fakespot and ReviewMeta indicate that most of the Topvision's dozen user reviews are questionable, I tested the projector myself. It's definitely plenty bright, especially when the lights are dim. Colors are decent, and the built-in speaker is pretty good.

However, video does indeed look a bit grainy. The focus and keystone wheels are annoyingly stiff, and the various buttons on the projector are small and poorly labeled. (Thankfully, there's a remote.) The power cord is too short; you'll need an extension.

Ultimately, though, I keep going back to "$55 projector" and "good enough." If you want a simple, kid-friendly option for games and movies, this gets the job done for a pretty amazing price.

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