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Nikon updates its AA-powered compact megazoom

Save for a change in resolution, the Coolpix L620 is just like its predecessor.


A lot of people still like having a AA-powered camera for the convenience, especially when traveling. Most camera manufacturers have abandoned them, though, which is really the only reason to pay attention to the Nikon Coolpix L620.

The L620 is an 18-megapixel compact megazoom with a 14x, f3.3-5.9, 25-350mm lens and 3-inch 460K-dot-resolution LCD. It's a fully automatic camera; lots of scene modes and filter effects and a solid scene-recognition Auto mode, but no manual or semimanual controls. It also records movie clips at resolutions up to 1080p at 30 frames per second.

In fact, it looks like very little has changed from the Coolpix L610 to the L620, except for an increase in megapixels -- 16 to 18 -- and slightly improved battery life (120 shot to 150 shots) from its two, AA-size batteries.

You can read more about it on Nikon's site (not that there's really much more to read) or just wait until it lands in stores in September and pick one up for $249.95.