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Nikon interchangeable-lens camera for 2011?

The wait for a Nikon mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera may be over.


Sitting somewhere between point-and-shoot bridge cameras and digital SLRs are mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras (ILC). Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, and Olympus are the manufacturers leading the way, while Canon and Nikon are seemingly waiting it out. However, according to Taiwan's DigiTimes, Nikon is ready to move forward.

Of course, there are no specifics about the cameras, but a comment sourced to Nikon says its new mirrorless camera will help expand its ILC market share in Asia Pacific to 40 percent in 2011 and 50 percent in 2012.

Not that Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, and Olympus aren't big names, but it's really going to take Nikon or Canon to move the interchangeable-lens cameras category beyond obscurity to the average consumer. Right now, unless you're an enthusiast, you likely only know point-and-shoots and digital SLRs as categories. And with CES 2011 just around the corner, it would be a perfect time to launch some new competition.

(Via Nikon Rumors)