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Nikon goes further with S70's touch panel

Nikon updates its touch-screen ultracompact with a better screen and interface.


Looks like Ashton should've waited a year. A refresh of the Nikon Coolpix S60, the S70 is improved in almost every way, changing a decent first effort of a touch-screen camera into something usable.

Like its successor, the 12-megapixel S70 is almost entirely controlled with the touch screen, including the zoom for the 5x f3.9-5.8 28-140mm-equivalent lens. Fortunately, it's much more responsive than last time. In fact, the entire interface is improved as is the screen itself: a 3.5-inch OLED panel. The display and interface have a few new functions, too, including a tap shutter release and multitouch commands in Playback mode.

It also has optical and electronic image stabilization, 16 scene modes, macro shooting down to 1.2 inches, and a slick design available in four color combinations: red on red, black on black, champagne and light brown, and champagne and beige.

Based on the few minutes I played with one, it's definitely an improvement over the S60, at least from the touch-screen aspect. Photo quality and performance is a big fat question mark till we get one in our labs. And while the 5x and 28mm is nice, the f3.9 is a bit of a concern. So is the $399.95 MSRP when it hits in September.