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Nikon gets the Flickr bug

Nikon is translating its educational and promotional work to Flickr's social-networking and photo-sharing medium.

Camera makers long have sponsored workshops, camera clubs and other activities to try to nurture new generations of camera buffs with time and money to spend on a hobby. Now Nikon is adapting the principle to one of Flickr, the social-networking, photo-sharing powerhouse.

Nikon is sponsoring educational activities at Flickr.
Nikon is sponsoring educational activities at Flickr. Flickr

Flickr on Wednesday announced Nikon's sponsorship of a Flickr site, the Nikon Digital Learning Center. The site provides online tips and tutorials and lets photographers chat live with pro shooters Rosanne Pennella and Cliff Mautner as well as Nikon School instructors Reed Hoffman and Bill Durrence.

The Nikon effort grafts onto Flickr social-networking tools such as discussion groups, some sponsored by Nikon. In addition, Nikon's Coolpix S50c compact camera can upload photos directly to Flickr.