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Nikon D800 gets possible price and monster 36-MP sensor

Specs for the long-awaited Nikon D800 are 99 per cent certain, with a price to go with that massive 36-megapixel sensor.

If you're buying a new SLR for yourself for Christmas (go on, you deserve it), you might be better off holding off for the Nikon D800. Pictures of the SLR leaked last month, but now comes word from the folks at Nikon Rumors that they're 99 per cent sure the spec list is genuine.

The specs are the same as previously reported, but there is a rumoured price to go along with the snaps and stats.

In case you missed it, the D800 is the successor to the D700. It's rumoured to have a mad 36-megapixel sensor, meaning you'll be able to print your snaps off at a vast size with no drop in quality, with shots having a resolution of 7,360x4,912 pixels. The ISO range is also 50 to 25,600, so should be fantastic for bright conditions as well as low light.

And that price? The Verge reckons it'll cost ¥300,000 in Japan, which comes out to around £2,500. So if you're adding it to your wish list, you'd better have some pretty generous relatives.

What else are we looking at in terms of specs? USB 3.0 should be on board, for speedy connectivity, it should take CF and SD cards, and the screen will be "larger than 3 inches", with 3.2 inches probably on the money. There's no built-in GPS, so bad news if you want to geo-tag your snaps, and 1080p video at 30, 25 and 24 fps, or 720p vids at 60, 30, 25 and 24 fps. And yet it's still smaller and lighter than the D700. Pretty swish.

Of course these are all rumours, so we'll wait for official word before being certain about anything. But considering the D700 is three years old now, we're expecting an official release imminently. Here's hoping Nikon makes our Christmas.

Would you shell out over two grand for a camera of this calibre? And what else would you like to see? Let us know on Facebook, or below in the comments.