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Nikon D3X: the 'X' is for lots of pixels

Officially unmasked a couple of days early by a print magazine, the D3X has been one of the worst kept secrets of the year.

The D3X as it appears in Nikon Pro
The D3X as it appears in Nikon Pro. from Nikon Pro magazine

Thanks to a campaign of print BIG teaser ads (which may not even have been about this camera, but sparked the hunt for info) and a premature posting on Nikon's Web site, in addition to the usual Web rumormongerings, the Nikon D3x will probably go down as the worst kept digital camera launch secret of 2008. So it's not surprising that readers of the European Nikon Pro magazine were treated this morning to a premature disclosure about the Nikon D3X.

According to the page scans posted on Nikon Rumors (from Seb Rogers blog), the D3X has a 24.5-megapixel FX-format sensor covering ISO 50-6400, and a burst speed of 5fps (7fps in DX crop mode). It looks identical to the D3, and uses the same 51-point AF system.

No information on price or availability, though, so you'll have to stay tuned.

(Via Rob Galbraith DPI)