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Nikon announces massive battery recall

After a series of overheating problems with some of its lithium ion batteries, the camera giant decides to recall them.

Japanese camera maker Nikon has issued a recall for its lithium ion battery packs after discovering a potential fire hazard in as many as 710,000 of the devices.

The company noted on its Web site that in at least four cases, EN-EL3 rechargeable lithium ion battery packs had short-circuited, which can lead to overheating and melting.

Despite no reported injuries from the problem, the company has said it will voluntarily recall the batteries worldwide.

The EN-EL3 is an accessory to several of the company's digital SLR cameras, including the D100, D70 and D50 models. Nikon also sells the battery separately, as item number 26265.

The batteries were first available in May 2004, the company said. Nikon has distributed at least 710,000 of them, according to an online tech news site, The Inquirer.

Nikon posted a chart on its Web site explaining which specific batteries were subject to the recall and informing customers how to get a free replacement by contacting the company.

Nikon did not return several calls for comment.