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Nike+ steps up its game with basketball, training apps

Basketball players and athletes looking for a way to track their performance and stats will have two new tools to do so, starting this summer from Nike.


If you've been inspired by Jeremy Lin's story and want to work on honing your basketball skills, Nike has a new solution to help motivate you and track your progress.

The sportswear giant expanded its Nike+ line today with the introduction of Nike+ Basketball. The solution includes a new line of sneakers with pressure sensors strategically placed throughout the soles to measure how hard you're playing, how fast you're moving, and how high you're jumping (as if I need an app to tell me my vertical sucks).

The sensors then wirelessly transmit this data to your iPhone via Bluetooth, so you can see the results and track your progress. Social networks also play a big part of Nike+ Basketball, as you can share your stats with friends on Facebook and Twitter, or compare them to other users via the app's global leaderboard. There's even a showcase mode that lets you superimpose the data onto a video of you working your magic on the court.

Not a baller? Not a problem. Today, Nike also introduced Nike+ Training, which should appeal to a broader group. The mobile app portion offers videos of various drills and challenges, while the sensors provide real-time feedback on your performance. You can customize workouts everyday, depending on what you want to focus on, and like the Nike+ Basketball, you can also share your results via social networks.

The new pressure sensor-enabled shoes will be part of Nike's Lunarlon collection and are expected to be available in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and China on June 29, starting with three models: the Nike+ Hyperdunk, the Hyperworkout+ for women, and the Lunar TR+1 for men. Pricing information was not revealed at this time.