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Nike releases more Apple Watch bands to match your kicks

The bands come in white, blue, pink and navy and will be available June 1.

The watch bands are inspired by Nike's "Day to Night" theme for its VaporMax shoe.


Now you have one more motivation for your morning jog: matching your fitness tracker to your sneakers.

Nike unveiled its newest batch of Apple Watch bands today, which go with its upcoming Nike Air VaporMax shoes. The bands will retail for $49 (£49, AU$79) and will be available on the Nike website starting June 1.

The bands coincide with Nike's "Day to Night" theme for its VaporMax shoe and come in white, blue, pink and navy to represent the different shades of the sky. They also coincide with the four shades of the VaporMax shoe, also releasing June 1.

The bands are another installment in the Nike/Apple Watch collaboration. The two companies teamed up to release the Apple Watch Nike+ edition last November, and since then have gradually released more and more color options.

While the hype around wearables may have worn off this year, the Apple Watch isn't going down without a fight. Tim Cook is allegedly working on turning the device into a glucose monitor, according to one report. Meanwhile, a recent study from the University of California, San Francisco, found that the watch helped diagnose heart conditions.