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Night-vision monitor to stop runaway babies

Don't let darkness give them an advantage

Fresh Cube

If you're a parent like us, you may have discovered a couple of dirty little secrets: Diaper Genies break and most baby monitors suck. We can't offer much about the first issue, but we're told that the second is making some significant advances.

U.K.-based Digitally Fresh, for example, has combined a video monitor and a wireless Webcam so that you can watch your precious creations as well as listen for them from anywhere in the house, according to Gearlog. But the best part? It has a night-vision camera so you make sure they're not trying to escape out the window under the cover of darkness.

The video feed--color by day, black and white at night--can be viewed on a 1.5-inch LCD screen. And as a bonus, it can be used as a voice-activated walkie-talkie that you can still use when the kids get older. Now if they can build this technology into the ultra-portable NScessity monitor, we'd have it all.