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Nielsen takes online ad-tracking tool overseas

The company that tracks what people watch on TV is expanding to markets outside the U.S. a new tool that measures what people are looking at online.

Nielsen Holdings, the company best known for tracking TV viewership, is taking its new online advertising measurement tool international.

The company said today that it plans to expand its service of measuring online advertising to countries outside the U.S., including Australia, Italy, Germany, and Canada, according to a statement sent to Bloomberg News.

The new tool will allow marketers to compare online advertising campaigns with TV commercials. Nielsen has been using the tool in the U.S. market for about 18 months.

The purpose of the new tool is to help online marketers better understand the effectiveness of their digital campaigns. TV advertising still makes up the bulk of advertising revenue globally, accounting for about 40 percent of all advertising revenue. But Internet marketing is growing, and sales of these ads grew by about 15 percent last year.