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Nielsen: 99 percent of DVRs users skip ads

Nielsen: 99 percent of DVRs users skip ads

As a longtime DVR owner who, by this point, can't even watch live TV because of all the ads, I'm not exactly stunned by this article from advertising trade pub MediaDailyNews. It analyzes Nielsen's new minute-by-minute ratings system to conclude that people with DVRs such as TiVo almost always skip ads. One example in the piece says that in February, fewer than 1 percent of Desperate Housewives and American Idol viewers who watched the shows time-shifted (as opposed to live) actually saw the ads. I sure hope advertisers don't use these numbers as ammunition to pursue more invasive schemes that target DVR users, such as prominent in-show pop-up promos, product placement, and special ads that appear when you fast-forward. Oh, wait...

Source: Lost Remote