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Nick's Christmas shopping: fly me to the moon

One small step for Nick Hide, one giant leap for his Christmas dinner. In a desperate bid to banish travel sickness forever, Nick asks Santa to send him into space

I managed to blow my entire Crave Christmas wad on just two products, the Samsung LCD and a supernova of an Alienware system. But Santa has promised to give us each one thing, (virtual) money no object. So I want my motion sickness cured. I figure that, in a kind of physical aversion therapy, if I do the worst, most vomit-inducing thing possible, then I'll be cured of my stomach's queasy reaction to boats and long car trips for all time. And no, I don't want to go on reality TV, I want to really go into space. Hopefully there'll be a nice view.

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic is offering limited trips into space for just $200,000 (£114,000), with a $20,000 deposit. There's no launch date yet, but the company has a deal with Burt Rutan, the first person to privately launch a craft into space and land it safely, to build five spacecraft. A launch site has been chosen in New Mexico.

Eager would-be astronauts are already signing up, despite the fact that they'll only actually be weightless in proper space for about seven seconds. And they'll throw up. A lot. Strap me in Santa, I wanna be a consumernaut! -Nick Hide

Nick has already bought these items:
Samsung LE32R41BD LCD television
Alienware Area-51 7500

He has nothing left to spend before Christmas Day.
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