NHK zooms in on 8K 3D binoculars

The prototype, which is being showcased at the Ceatec technology fair, can zoom in to 4x and maintain full-HD resolution.

The Verge

Here's another possible use of 8K technology besides TVs. Japanese national broadcaster NHK has developed a pair of 8K 3D binoculars, which feature a 4x zoom capability at full-HD resolution. It supposedly allows users to zoom in to images in 3D without any noticeable reduction in clarity. This is possible, thanks to the binoculars' amazingly high 7,680x4,320-pixel native resolution.

Also called Super Hi-Vision by NHK, 8K has 16 times more pixels than a regular full-HD TV. Even the latest 4K panels, such as the LG 84LM9600 and Sony KD-84X9000, are no match for 8K displays as far as details are concerned. However, 8K is still currently in the development stage with no product available based on this technology, unlike 4K. The latter has been widely deployed in big-screen movie theaters.

(Source: Crave Asia via The Verge)