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NHK smashes image barrier

Prototype system displays 16 times more details than any consumer panel.

Crave Asia

NHK has developed a prototype system capable of displaying 32 megapixels, or 16 times more details than any consumer panel.

The theater on demonstration at CommunicAsia comprises two LCoS projectors with a combined 8,000 lumens brightness and a towering 6.6 x 3.7 meter 300-inch projection screen. If you think that's impressive, wait till you have a go at its triple-tier 22.2-channel cinema sound system. We're talking dual subwoofers and speakers at the bottom, screen level, and overhead.

To reproduce the brilliant image clarity, the Japanese broadcaster has also developed a matching 8K studio camera, hard drive recorder and a high-bandwidth optical transmission system via IP networking. (Get more CommunicAsia 2008 coverage here.)

(Source: Crave Asia)