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NFL's DeAngelo Williams defines 'creepy romantic' with 'Walking Dead' wedding

The Pittsburgh Steelers running back has been outrunning defenders for years, but when his undead wedding party catches up with him, it's more gruesome than any punishing hit from a linebacker.

Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams isn't scared of NFL defenses or zombies, but he did choose one of those options to define the most romantic moment of his life. Williams and his wife, Risalyn, persuaded their entire wedding party to get done up as "walkers" from the AMC hit "The Walking Dead" for their big day in July.

The crew of zombie bridesmaids and undead groomsmen spent some time not just taking creepy wedding photos, but doing a little acting as well. The wedding party chased the happy couple around in character for a while until they were finally caught, and then "turned" and got the gruesome makeup treatment themselves.

Williams, a huge "Walking Dead" fan, says the whole thing was a dream come true in more ways than one. "Not only did I become a walker, but I became a husband," he says in the video above.

Check it out for yourself, including what has to be the scariest gang tackle Williams has endured so far in his career or otherwise.