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NFL games coming to the iPad...for way too much money

NFL Sunday Ticket is expanding its support across PCs, Macs, smartphones and even the iPad...but when will it come up with a price that isn't repellent?

Getting NFL games on mobile devices should be a lot cheaper.
Getting NFL games on mobile devices should be a lot cheaper. DirecTV

I am a Jets fan. Moreso, I'm an NFL fan. And I'm an owner of an iPhone 3GS and an iPad. Naturally, I'm awaiting this season with the hope that there will be some way to watch games on a mobile device that doesn't involve both DirecTV and the expensive NFL Sunday Ticket package.

Well, I'm out of luck there.

Word has broken on this year's Sunday Ticket To-Go package, a follow-up to last year's Sunday Ticket mobile experience that debuted on the iPhone. Last year's edition was free provided you paid for both NFL Sunday Ticket and Superfan, which cost slightly more collectively. This year, Sunday Ticket To-Go will cost $50...and still require a subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, which costs an additional $320. Not only that, but you'd need to have a DirecTV package, the cheapest of which costs $29.99 a month.

NFL Sunday Ticket-to-go is broken into two experiences, according to DirecTV's Web site. On smartphones--"iPhone, select Android, Blackberry smartphone and Windows Mobile devices, and Palm Pre"--live streaming games, the Red Zone channel of across-the-league scoring updates, plus video highlights and live stats will be made available. On Macs, PCs, and the iPad, DirecTV promises HD streaming, picture-in-picture multigame viewing, and even a four-game simultaneous mix on a single screen. We believe it on PCs and Macs, but the iPad would be an impressive feat for this type of feature-set.

What I'd like to know is, when can the NFL have an app like MLB At Bat, which at least offers audio streaming and multidevice support for $14.99 without needing to upgrade to an MLB.TV package? I know the NFL's not going to give away games for free, but at some point it would be wonderful to have better cross-platform support for the mobile crowd. Yes, I know that Verizon has the Red Zone Channel and NFL Mobile exclusivity, but I'd like that on an iPhone. And I'd like it on any other device without having to worry about what carrier I'm using. Unfortunately, this looks unlikely to change anytime soon: DirecTV has extended its exclusivity with the NFL through 2014, and NFL Mobile has a four-year contract with Verizon.

I guess I'll have to wait till next year, or just get more Slingbox-savvy. Sigh...and the preseason hasn't even begun. I guess my plea to the NFL forgot to add the word "cheaper."

(Via GigaOm)