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NFL Eagles' worker fired for Facebook update gets player's help

Brian Dawkins, the hard-hitting Philadelphia Eagles' defensive back whose departure for Denver caused an Eagles' employee to update his Facebook status and get himself fired, is helping that worker.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about an unfortunate employee of the Philadelphia Eagles, Dan Leone.

Leone was upset that the Eagles had allowed Brian Dawkins, their nasty (in a good way) defensive back, leave for the Denver Broncos.

He adorned his Facebook page with feelings: "Dan is ******* devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver...Dam Eagles are Retarded."

He was fired.

"I thought he was losing a yard of pace myself. But I wouldn't have dared put it on my Facebook page." CC Post406/Flickr

Now Dawkins has decided to honor Leone's Facebook faux-pas. He has offered Leone his two tickets for Denver's visit to Philadelphia, a game at which Leone will, no doubt, be greeted with garlands of flowers and chants of "for he's a jolly good fellow".

Dawkins modestly told the Philadelphia Daily News: "He was one of probably thousands and thousands of Eagles fans who felt that way. That didn't surprise me, that someone said that on their Facebook. It did surprise me that he was let go, though. That really did surprise me."

Brotherly love. It never dies. It just occasionally leaves Philadelphia.