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Nexus 5 spied yet again, in even more leaked snaps

The world's leakiest smart phone has been glimpsed yet again, ahead of its official launch.

The long-rumoured Nexus 5 has been spotted yet again, in even more leaked pictures that show off Google's next flagship phone.

The new images of the world's leakiest mobile surfaced on the Google+ page of one Anton Kuznetsov, though Kuznetsov comments that the photos are not his. They may have originated here, at European social network

The snaps don't tell us much we didn't already know about the next Nexus, which has been glimpsed repeatedly over the last few weeks. You can clearly see the prominent 'Nexus' logo that has appeared in previous leaked pictures, while it looks like the back plate could prove to be something of a fingerprint-magnet.

A recent seven-minute video sees the Nexus 5 shown off from every angle, helping to completely drain the next raw-Android smart phone of any vestige of mystery it still held.

The next Nexus has been tipped to be revealed as soon as tomorrow, alongside Android 4.4 KitKat. We've had no official word from Google on any kind of launch event however, so it wouldn't surprise me if we have to wait a little longer.

The Nexus 5 is sure to arrive running Android 4.4, while leaked screenshots have suggested that the display measures five inches on the diagonal, and packs a 1,080x1,920 resolution. Leaked benchmark results suggest it'll be an extremely powerful mobile, while rumours point to a lovely low price.

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