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Nexus 5 in white faces 10-day delivery delay

In the latest stock headache for the Google Nexus 5, orders of the white KitKat phone threaten a delay of up to ten days.

In the latest round of stock headaches for the Google Nexus 5, orders of the white version threaten to be delayed by as much as ten days.

Up until now the white model hasn't been troubled by the stock woes of the black version, with dispatch promised in one or two days. But both the 16GB and 32GB white versions of Google's flagship KitKat phone now promise only to be dispatched from the warehouse by 22 November.

Since going on sale less than two weeks ago, delivery times for the black Nexus 5 have continually slipped until it sold out just six days later, and although both 16GB and 32GB models are back in the Google Play Store, your order won't be sent out for at least a month.

There are other places to buy a Nexus 5, but none are as good value as buying from Google Play.

Let's hope the white Nexus 5 isn't headed for the same stock problems as its darker-hued counterpart -- and fingers crossed the new phone isn't about to relive the disaster of the Nexus 4. The Nexus 4 was out of stock for months after Google and the manufacturer LG underestimated demand by a factor of 10.

Still, if you have the patience the Nexus 5 is one heck of a phone. Apart from the disappointing camera, we're impressed with the 5's gaming power and smooth interface -- you can read our full Nexus 5 review here -- and of course, you can't argue with that price.

Is the Nexus 5 worth the wait? Let me know what you think in the comments below, or dispatch yourself over to our fully-stocked Facebook page.

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