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Nexus 10 picture and specs allegedly leak on Google Play

The next Nexus 10 has reportedly shown up on Google Play, shortly before Android KitKat is set to arrive.

Stand by for the best glimpse yet of the Google Nexus 10, the 10-inch tablet that has the iPad Air in its sights. With the Google Nexus 5 smart phone and new Android KitKat software expected any day now, the next Nexus 10 has reportedly shown up on Google Play. 

Readers of PhoneArena claim to have spotted the new Nexus 10 appearing briefly on Google Play, the official Android online shop. The hotly anticipated Nexus 5 smart phone has also 'accidentally' appeared on the official store -- suggesting the Big G is either teasing us, or needs to 'ave a word with whoever keeps nodding off at the Google Play switch. 

Along with the alleged image shown above, the leak apparently revealed specs for the forthcoming tablet, including a snarling Snapdragon 800 processor with a capacious 3GB of RAM.

The next generation of 10-inch Nexus is alleged to boast an 8-megapixel main camera and 2.1-megapixel front-facing camera for video chat. The screen offers a resolution of 2,560x1,600 pixels. Meanwhile the battery has been beefed up but the whole package is slimmer and lighter.

The new Nexus 10 is set to appear hard on the heels of the slimline iPad Air, but is likely to be a fraction of the price of Apple's new-look tablet. Previous leaks from PC World suggested the new Nexus 10 would cost £349, which would certainly suit CNET readers unimpressed by the price of the iPad.

Both the iPad Air and new retina iPad mini -- which faces off against the Google Nexus 7 -- go on sale in November: click here for the full line-up of iPad Air UK prices, or here for the full range of iPad mini UK prices.

Will the Nexus 10 beat the new iPad Air? What do you want to see in the next Nexus and KitKat? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our CNET UK Facebook page.