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Nextel's i880 on its way

The Motorola i880 appears online

We've heard about the coming Motorola i880 from Nextel, but the carrier has yet to announce a formal release date for the phone. But now that ads for the phone have been appearing online, including on CNET, we can only guess that the handset is right around the corner. As a reminder, the i880 should offer dual color displays, a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, push-to-talk connectivity, stereo speakers, and a digital music player. The phone isn't a hybrid CDMA/iDEN device; those handsets should launch by early next year. The i880 flip phone isn't packed in the usual Nextel durable rubber case, but it look like it will sport a violet and black color scheme.

Rumor has it Sprint Nextel will introduce a few other devices in the coming weeks, including a CDMA version of the Slvr and a second Razr V3m in a different color. Also, Mobiledia lists the LG LX150 as "upcoming" for the carrier.

(Photo: Gizmodo)