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Next Xbox One free EA Access Game revealed

Here's the next free game that will be added to the Xbox One subscription program in October.

The EA Access free game vault will grow in October with the arrival of cops-and-robbers shooter Battlefield Hardline. Though EA has not yet made an announcement, a page for the game has popped up inside of the EA Access app on Xbox One. A Redditor made the discovery, which we have now confirmed.

The free version of Hardline will arrive sometime in October, though EA did not reveal a specific launch date. Like the other games in The Vault (see the list of all of them below), you'll get to play the full version of Hardline with no limitations, provided your EA Access membership stays active.


EA Access subscriptions are available for $5/month or $30/year. In addition to free games, subscribers can save 10 percent on all EA digital content and play upcoming EA games five days early.

The subscription program is available only for Xbox One. Sony is open to the idea of allowing it on PlayStation 4 if certain, undisclosed terms are met, though there doesn't appear to have been any progress on that front lately.

EA Access Free Game Lineup: