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Next Xbox could have glasses, new Kinect

Verizon offers faster FiOS connection speeds, Draw Something could become a game show, and a leaked document shows Microsoft's concepts for the Xbox 720.

Today we're shooting cowboys in the living room and bringing game shows to our tablets:

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A leaked PDF document hints at what Microsoft could have in store for the next version of Xbox. If the 56-page document is true, the Xbox 720 has a planned release for 2013 and will play Blu-ray movies, 3D videos and it would work with special glasses for augmented reality gaming. The document also suggests the next version of the Kinect will track four people at once, have improved voice recognition and it could be split into two units on both sides of the television. The document seems to have been authored in 2010, so clearly much of it could be out of date by now. But hey -- some of the concepts in the document have been proven true, like SmartGlass.

A report from Variety says CBS has bought a pilot of a TV show based on the mobile app Draw Something. The Pictionary-like game would have teams of celebrities and everyday folks put their quick drawing skills to the test. And viewers could play along on the app at home, making it a more interactive take on past game shows like Win, Lose or Draw.

Mozilla, the organization behind FireFox, is working on a web browser for the iPad. It's called Junior, and it'll be a bit different from a typical browser design. For example, the toolbar is gone and there are are large buttons on the left and right of the screen to navigate through pages. No word on when it'll be available.

Verizon is offering a new top-tier high speed internet for FiOS service, at 300Mbps, for $210 dollars a month. It's likely you don't need that level of speed, but FiOS customers might want to check out the other new speed bundles and pricing tiers available.

Microsoft is announcing its new product Monday night, and it has everyone talking tablets. So today's I help sort out all the speculation. I think I made a pretty fair guess at what the new product will look like, don't ya think?

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