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Next Viber update will let you share 30-second videos

The popular messaging service will let you record and share short videos, among other new capabilities.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Messaging app Viber will soon join the crowd of apps that allow you to record and share short videos, according to The Next Web. In Viber's case, that means you'll be able to record up to 30 seconds, tap and send.

The update will also introduce Chat Extensions, which allows Viber's partners to add bot-like services to the app. Initial partners include Giphy-- random GIFs FTW! -- along with Wikipedia and TheMovieDB. You'll be able to access the services by typing in their name with an "@" prefix. Viber will also gain a sticker-service bot.

The release date hasn't yet been confirmed, but it's expected any day now. Once it goes through, you'll be able to get the new features by downloading Viber on both Android or iOS.