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Next two Moto X phones could have swappable back covers

Magnetic pins on the back of the two phones would host a bunch of mix and match, snap-on backplates, if leaked images hold any merit.


Moto's new phones could have a snap cover like this.

Via Google+/HelloMotoHK

Motorola, already the king of phone customization, could be planning a new way to win consumers' hearts -- with colorful back covers you can swap around.

"Leaked" images for two new Moto X models -- the Vector Thin and Vertex -- show off different back covers that are connected by magnetic pins, according to Evan Blass, who, prior to writing for Venture Beat, had built a reputation for reliably breaking stories through his Twitter handle evleaks.

The images were allegedly leaked on the Google+ social network by HelloMotoHK.

Motorola has long let buyers customize the colors of its Moto phones through the Moto Maker website. Letting phone-owners swap backplates on a whim could be just its style.

Motorola declined to comment on the leaked photos.