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Next Netflix binge? All 'Breaking Bad' episodes before the final 8

U.S. subscribers to Netflix can start priming themselves for the final eight episodes of the hit show, as Netflix adds the first half of the fifth season to its library Friday, rounding out the full catalog.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul on "Breaking Bad." AMC

"Breaking Bad" fans who subscribe to Netflix in the U.S. aren't quite as lucky as their compatriots in the U.K., but they'll still get the opportunity to binge on the hit show's full catalog before its final episodes air.

Netflix said Wednesday that the first eight episodes of the final season of "Breaking Bad" will be available to stream in the U.S. as of Friday. The last eight episodes of the show, which follows a high-school chemistry teacher turned meth drug-lord, are set to begin airing August 11 on cable network AMC.

Earlier this month, Netflix arranged for its streaming users in the U.K. and Ireland to be able to access the latest "Breaking Bad" episode a day after it airs on cable in the states. On Wednesday, a Netflix representative couldn't provide details about availability of the final eight episodes for U.S. customers.

Netflix already has all the earlier seasons of the program available to stream.

(Via Variety)