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Next-gen Nexus 10 could come from Asus not Samsung

New details point to Asus as the next Nexus 10 maker.

The next-gen Nexus 10 should come from Asus, not Samsung. @rage06

A new report apparently confirms early speculation that Google may tap Asus as the hardware maker for the next generation Nexus 10 tablet.

Although much of the Nexus buzz currently centers around predicting the LG Nexus 4 successor, we should also remember that the Nexus 10 is also due for a refresh. While Samsung was once thought as a shoo-in for the title, it's possible that Google may have given the task to Asus.

According to a new leak from PC World UK's internal inventory system, which was tweeted via tipster @Rage06, the "Google Asus Nexus 10" should cost £349. When adjusted for the exchange rate the tablet equates to roughly $563, or considerably higher than the current model's asking price. It isn't clear whether this listing is for a 16GB or 32GB model though it's a good bet to expect the latter.

As to the legitimacy of this leak, the source claims that devices are not shown in the database unless they are "100 percent."

Both the Nexus 5 handset and Android 4.4 KitKat OS are rumored to make their debut in mid-October; it's plausible that the Nexus 10 shows up at the same time as well.