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Next-gen drones follow wherever you go

No remote control is necessary for new drones that can autopilot with tracking, creating an easy solution for capturing action-sports on video. Also, Oyster opens up its books to Android.

CNET Update follows the drones that follow us:

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In this tech-news roundup:

  • Learn about the AirDog and Hexo+ drones that can be programed to follow you. Both on Kickstarter, these drones make it easy to film aerial video of action sports by tracking the subject.
  • Read all you want for $10 a month with the Oyster app. It's like Netflix for books, and for the first time it's available on Android devices. There are also Oyster apps for the Kindle Fire and Nook HD tablets .
  • Expand your texting vocabulary with new emoji. The non-profit Unicode Consortium released 250 new icons, and some are not very polite.

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Next-gen drones follow wherever you go