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Next G BlackBerry with Windows Live

The new BlackBerry Bold 9000 to come with integrated Windows Live services and to be offered on Telstra's Next G network.

BlackBerry Bold 9000: a Next G phone with Windows Live

Following yesterday's official debut of the BlackBerry Bold 9000, Telstra has issued a statement indicating that the Bold will soon be available on the Next G network.

"Telstra looks forward to bringing the Next G BlackBerry to customers in coming months," said Ross Fielding, executive director, Telstra Product Management in a statement.

Telstra has offered BlackBerry handsets to customers in the past, however, the Bold will be the first HSDPA-capable BlackBerry product and therefore the first offered on the Next G network.

BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) also issued a follow-up statement announcing an agreement with Microsoft to bring Windows Live Services, including Hotmail and Messenger, to the BlackBerry suite of applications in the coming months.

The integration of Windows Live services will give BlackBerry customers the ability to access the Windows Live instant messaging service as well as offering "push" e-mail capabilities for Hotmail e-mail accounts — a function which delivers messages to the handset as the e-mail server receives them.

"Over 430 million people around the world rely on Windows Live to stay in touch," said Brian Arbogast, vice president of the Mobile Services organisation at Microsoft. "Our collaboration with RIM will enable BlackBerry smartphone customers to take full advantage of Windows Live."