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Next big thing: Self-cleaning trash cans?

A survey shows many people would buy one.


So it's not just us after all. For the record, we allergy sufferers aren't the only ones who are fixated on cleaning technologies. Gizmag says a recent survey claims that 60 percent of respondents would buy a self-cleaning garbage can and 59 percent want a stove top that can do the same. Oh, and while they're at it, 47 percent wouldn't mind a dryer that also folded laundry.

We wish the research stopped there. Gizmag goes on to include some other frightening hygiene-related statistics that are enough to make our thrice-shampooed hair stand on end: "An alarming 33 percent surveyed close their shower curtains to hide a dirty bathtub, 20 percent haven't cleaned their bathroom for a month or longer and 16 percent dine on paper plates due to a sink full of dirty dishes." Talk about too much information. Maybe Japan's quest for a human-free society isn't so crazy after all.