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Newspaper of future or yesterday's headlines?

Italian company V12 plans a dual-screen LCD laptop that appears aimed at digital newspapers, but it's taking too long to develop it.


V12 Design created some buzz more than a year ago when photos of its dual-screen laptop design were circulated around the Web. It wasn't so much the double LCDs that drew interest--others have done that--but the digital newspaper pages displayed on the screens.

The concept from the Italian design house raised the possibility of a portable device that might come close to replicating the experience of reading an open-broadsheet newspaper. European newspapers have already been experimenting with single-page e-readers that get hourly updates from wireless connections.

Now V12 is reportedly planning to go forward with a real product, complete with a multitouch screen and built-in microphone for voice navigation, but it isn't expected to be ready for 16 months. That's an eternity, especially considering that other dual-screen prototypes are on the horizon, not to mention the recent proliferation of single-page e-book readers on the market.

What's worse is that V12 apparently developed the concept four years ago, according to Gizmodo. Unfortunately, it seems that the company has adopted the pace of the old media it's trying to bring into the digital world.