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News Roundup: Unbox for Tivo goes live, Friendster + Google, Web radio deathwatch?

What a week it's turning out to be. Amazon's Unbox service for TiVo is live. Friendster and Google are now friendly, and Web radio could be on its way out thanks to the record labels.

Photo by CNET Networks

    • TiVo users get unboxed. TiVo users looking to spend their hard-earned money on digital downloads of movies and TV shows online can now do so without leaving the couch. Last month's announcement of the partnership to bring Amazon's Unbox service to TiVo owners has been fulfilled, and now TiVo users can pick from more than a thousand pieces of content to download straight to their set-top box. (

    • Friendster makes Google its ad, search supplier. Google has unseated Yahoo for advertising supremacy at Friendster, one of the oldest social networks that still has 37 million registered users. Friendster will now feature Google text and picture ads, along with a Google search bar for searching the Web or member pages. Worth noting is Google's attempt to purchase Friendster in 2003. (

    • Webcasters to see hike in Net radio fees
    • . Popular Web radio services such as, Shoutcast, and Pandora could be in hot water with new rate increases for streaming music on the Web. The rates per song are due to double in the next three years. Is this the end of Internet radio? (Wired)