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News Flash: There's music on MTV!

MTV, a.k.a. Music Television found a home for a gazillion music videos, they're now on mtvmusic.com

MTV, the channel that brings us great shows like Paris Hilton's My New BFF, MTV Cribs, True Life, and Sex, With Mom and Dad now has a place for all the music videos that made MTV, well, Music Television. The new MTV outlet is called, somewhat redundantly, MTVMusic.com. I remember when MTV played music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; there were "on-air personalities" known as VJs, or video jockeys. Martha Quinn was my favorite.


Dig the White Stripes? MTVM has 36 Jack and Meg videos listed. Bright Eyes "This Is The First Day Of My Life" video was really sweet, little snippets of mostly couples with headphones sitting on a couch reminded me why I love Bright Eyes so much. The song and video are perfect together.

Sure, old timers can relive the '80s with Talking Heads, Devo, Tom Petty, Billy Joel, and Tina Turner videos.