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News Corp. reportedly buys something--but it's Beliefnet, not LinkedIn or Digg

The FishbowlNY blog says it has received a tip that the media conglomerate is about to announce its acquisition of the religion-and-spirituality site, a Web 1.0 veteran.

There must have been something afoot in the crisp, early-December air that hinted News Corp. mogul Rupert Murdoch was in the market for a new Web acquisition. But, contrary to rumors, it isn't social news site Digg or business networking hub LinkedIn.

Rather, the media conglomerate is rumored to have purchased religion and spirituality site Beliefnet, according to a report from the FishbowlNY blog at Mediabistro. The blog received an "anonymous tip" that prompted a call to Beliefnet, resulting in an odd no-we-won't-deny-it comment that convinced FishbowlNY editor Noah Davis that it was pretty much a done deal.

No financial terms have been reported or disclosed yet.

Beliefnet, a hoary veteran in Web years, was founded way back in 1999 by Steve Waldman, who still serves as editor-in-chief. The site, a blend of editorial content and social networking unaffiliated with any specific sect, claims over 3.1 million monthly unique visitors and over 7.6 million subscribers.