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NEWS.COM wins Webby Award

CNET's NEWS.COM wins the 1998 Webby Award for best news site at an event that was Webcast around the world.

SAN FRANCISCO--CNET's NEWS.COM won the 1998 Webby Award for best news site in an event Webcast around the world from a packed auditorium here last night.

Other nominees in the news category were the online edition of the New York Times,, MSNBC, and Wired News. CNET's GAMECENTER.COM was a nominee in the games category, which was won by Bezerk.

The Webby Awards, started only a year ago by The Web magazine, drew thousands from across the country and beyond. In his opening remarks at the ceremony in San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts, Mayor Willie Brown said the Webby will become the online equivalent of the Oscar.

Salon took the award for best "print/zine," and CNN/TIME AllPolitics was named the top legal and political site. Other Webby winners included ENTROPY8 for arts, Experience Music Project for music, Exploratorium: ExploraNet for science, and gURL for the "living" category.

The Webby was NEWS.COM's third award in the last two months. In February, the site took first-place honors at the international Milia d'Or Awards '98 in Cannes, France, which recognize interactive media achievements.

Also last month, the site received a top honor in the online journalism awards sponsored by newspaper industry publication Editor & Publisher. NEWS.COM was named the "Best Non-Newspaper Online News Service" for the second year in a row. And in January, Business Week magazine declared NEWS.COM one of the "top five Web sites to watch" in 1998.