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Culture hosting public talk with Jonathan Zittrain on Nov. 28

We're hosting an event in our San Francisco headquarters on Wednesday, and you're invited. Jonathan Zittrain of Oxford University will talk about his upcoming book called "The Future of the Internet--And How to Stop It."

CNET is hosting a public event (our first, at least in recent memory) this Wednesday in our San Francisco headquarters with Jonathan Zittrain of Oxford University.

Jonathan Zittrain

It's open to the general public, and you're invited. Stop by and meet not only Jonathan, but also your favorite San Francisco-based writers and editors here at

Jonathan has a book coming out next April called The Future of the Internet--And How to Stop It (Yale University Press) that can be preordered on It's about what Jonathan views as the threat of the Internet ecosystem becoming blotted by restrictive tools and rash approaches to security challenges, and we're pleased to host him this week.

The details:

CNET Networks
235 Second Street
Ground floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
Wednesday, November 28, 2007, at 7:30 p.m.

CNET Networks, which publishes, is fairly close to BART. Get off at the Montgomery station and use the exit marked Second and Market. Walk south on Second Street until you reach the CNET building on the left, about two and a half blocks. We're also about seven blocks from the Caltrain station.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is sponsoring the event, so please RSVP to them at if you're planning to come. Here's EFF's own event page.